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Sport is life learning


If we are strong defenders of nature and environment, we cannot imagine life without leaving a place for sport.

Outdoor living is synonymous with well-being, fitness, physical activity, mentality and character, which are necessary key words if one is to progress in the professional environment.

We chose to support the both sons of the family in their sports activities, tennis for Nicolas and swimming for Hugo.

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  Nicolas Fays

RNA, january - february 2020

Nicolas, the youngest boy of the family has been involved in tennis since the age of 6, and now, at 13, shows great disposition thanks to intensive training and a huge determination to progress :

  • From the age of 9, he evolved into the U12 category

  • Selected in Madagascar's national team U12 category since 2019

  • Champion of Madagascar U12 category 2019

  • At the end of 2019, he started to play in ITF CAT U14 category

  • Integration to sport & studies

  • In 2020, began to play in ITF CAT U14 category
  • In 2021, evolves in U14, U16, U18 and adults categories

2020 was a special year, marked by three tournaments in Europe and one ITF CAT tournament before sinking into lockdown from the beginning of March. However, this period made it possible to forge partnerships with equipment manufacturers as well as to invest in the construction of a private court, giving him the opportunity to train intensively on a daily basis and participate in two adult tournaments at the end of the year.

2021 has been a replica of 2020 with only five local tournaments but which allowed him to shine at higher levels (U16, U18, adults) and one ITF CAT international tournament at the end of November in Tunisia, during which the access to the quarter-finals eluded him for lack of competition and experience at this level.

He is nevertheless ending 2021 in the rank of Malagasy No. 1 U14 category, and 10th ITF CAT in his age category with only two tournaments played.

The year 2022 will be marked by a new start and progress : Nicolas leaves Madagascar for Europe and more precisely the south of France to follow a personalized training program and enter european and world tournaments.

Last U16 competition in Madagascar and final trophy of the year 2021 (Madagascar, december 2021). 


   Life is Bidi Badu.

     Be Bidi Badu.



   I am fun loving,

   I am Bidi Badu.


At the end of august 2022, six months after his arrival in Europe, Nicolas' statement is widely positive :

  • winner of five Ten Pro tournaments out of six played (Mallorca, Netherlands, Belgium) and leader in both U14 and U15 categories
  • winner of the Tennis Europe Uccle Trophy (Brussels) in both U14 Boys singles and doubles competition, which allows him to be ranked U14 Europe nr 370 after only 3 Tennis Europe tournaments played
  • ranked nr 30 of the FFT U14 category and playing several french tournaments in adults category that led him to eighth and quarter finals to compete against players ranked 0. 

After such a busy summer, the time for recovery, physical training and back to technical and tactical work with his coaching team has arrived. Now the short-term objective is : competing against negative ranked players.

Hugo, on the other hand, has been passionate about swimming since a very young age. However, the lack of infrastructure kept him away from the pools until 2020, the year of the rebirth of a club, what allowed him to refocus on this sport.

Continuing his studies by internet, he is thus free to train daily, quickly performing to climbing ranking in his favorite specialties, breaststroke and crawl.

In 2020 as in 2021, the health situation has unfortunately dashed his hopes, since all competitions have been cancelled.

Collective trainings that were hold in 2021 have at least made possible to promote individual work, showing him able of taking advantage of any situation and bounce back.

Hugo 1
Hugo crawl
Hugo swim

2022 is also a fruitful year for Hugo who in two competitions won both one qualification for the Island Games and 3 medals including one in 400 m freestyle. Working now to his physical training exclusively during the cool season, he is awaiting forward to October to find the pools again.